Friday, August 13, 2010

Last week we took the boys to Toys R Us, and while playing at the train table that of course is not even as good as the one we have at home, but yet seems much more exciting to Colin, I noticed these Early Engineer trains.

So now I know what Graham will be getting for his birthday.

Pictured here is Rosie, who is one of my favorites because A) She is female, and B) She has such a mad crush on Thomas, which mostly seems to go unrequited.

But back to Graham. I'm struggling a little because Colin's obsession with Thomas has bled over to both of his parents, and we all LOVE Thomas. But what if Graham wants to like something else? Is a love of Thomas predestined? What if Graham decides to like something really lame, like Dora the Explorer, or super annoying, like The Wiggles?


Rachel said...

Cana loves Dora, and I've gotten over it. The good news she met our (mutual) Mexican friend Dora in real life, and thought I was the best mom ever. It's just like meeting the real Thomas.

Cincinnatalie said...

Or like seeing the real Music Mae.

AbbyS. said...

How funny!! Clark LOVES Thomas too. However, he likes Dora, Mickey, The Wiggles and Elmo. Your blog is cute.