Thursday, August 5, 2010


CR_KCPortrait-424, originally uploaded by ilovefab4.

My boy is big. I just weighed him, and he's 23 pounds. He's actually taller than he is chunky.

He's a baby; I think his little fat dimples are adorable. But tonight at Graeter's, I heard a dad point him out to his kids and call him a "hoss."

I don't know; I'm OK with someone he knows calling him a name that's meant to be a dimunitive. But a stranger calling him "hoss?" I'm not sure.

That's alright; by next year he will beat the CRAP out of anyone who calls him a name.

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Rachel said...

Hoss is a term of endearment in Texas, just take it as a compliment. In South Africa when they call you "fat" it means "it looks like you are wealthy enough to eat well". I love that kid.