Thursday, January 10, 2008

The End of an Era

Last week, I turned in my VW Beetle, Daisy, for a 2008 Ford Kiwi Metallic, of course. When I bought that car in July of 2002, I could never have imagined that within four years I'd be married with a child. So, I didn't consider how having a tiny trunk and two doors might not be the best decision. Besides, I HAD to have one.

Well, after 15 months of cramming Colin in and out of the back seat, I decided it was time to "grow up." Kind of like switching my email to one with my name instead of "ilovefab4," it's just one of those inevitabilities of getting older, I guess. But no more mature, I promise.

At any rate, this awesome guy at my church named Mike who owns a Ford dealership totally hooked me up. After leaving 3 other dealerships in tears, it was an amazingly positive experience buying from his dealership. Here you can see me turning over my keys to him, and him giving me the new keys.


Kentucky Hills said...

glad to see you kept the green Mrs. Grownup Mommy!

marycaseysturk said...

You got your Beetle the same month and year that Doug got his! We have nothing as cute as Colin to we can keep ours a bit longer. Nice new ride you have! Great to see your pictures too.
Mary Casey Sturk, former child star