Friday, August 1, 2008

Playgroup at Brooklyn's

Colin went to Brooklyn and Lincoln's house for playgroup this morning. He never got around to swimming, but he did enjoy eating (of course) and playing on the swingset and in the sandbox. You can see more pictures here.


Myco said...

colin is soooo big! I'll have to make it to Cincy soon for a visit!

Denae said...

How sweet! Colin is such a handsome little boy. Looks like momma and daddy. :)

Joyce said...

I love your blog! How come I've never met Colin? Bring him to work, willya?

I also love love love the name of your blog. It's almost as good as my (where you'll find your perfect editing job of my latest story. hehe. And thank you!)

Joyce said...

Oh. I actually meant that *cincinnatalie* is almost as good as *ReJoyce*. (Actually, yours is probably a more clever name than mine, but you didn't hear me say that!)

Michelle said...

Who is that total babe in the bikini? :)